Mesa County Colorado Parenting Class

NOTICE This page is for demo purposes and is not currently an approved program within the 21st District of Colorado


Level 1 Co-Parenting CARE Program

4 Hour CARE

$39.99 Add

A basic, strengths-based educational course for most divorcing or separating parents that addresses the needs of the parents, the children, and co-parenting, culminating in the guided preparation of a parenting plan.

By Court Order

Level 1.5 Co-Parenting CARE-X Program

8 Hour CARE-X

$69.99 Add

This extended course is designed for parents who completed the CARE course but need or would like more help to develop a mutually agreeable parenting plan.

By Court Order

Level 2 Parenting Without Conflict

by New Ways for Families ™

12 Hour Parenting w/o Conflict

$99.99 Add

Skills based program particularly beneficial for high-conflict parents, including parents dealing with domestic violence.

Price includes full access to the online program, certificate of completion (unlimited downloads) Unrestricted access to the program upon completion to use as a resource tool.

Additional Info

Pursuant to 14-10-123.7 CRS, if the parties have minor children (under the age of 18) of this relationship, the court finds it would be beneficial to the parties and in the best interests of the minor child(ren) for the parties to complete a program in co-parenting.

The parties shall immediately enroll in the “Partners in Parenting” class. The parties shall complete the class within 40 days of receipt of the Notice and Order Requiring Co-Parenting Classes (this is included in the forms packet you purchase when filing a divorce OR it will be given to you at the time of filing your case).

Failure to comply with taking this parenting class may result in the issuance of sanctions by the Court such as canceling hearings pertaining to your case or restricting participation of the non-complying party at the hearing. In addition the Court may issue an order to show cause why the non-complying party should not be found in contempt of court. If a party is found to be in contempt of court he/she may be fined and/or put in jail.

The Petitioner is responsible for notifying the respondent/co-petitioner of the parenting class order. Accordingly, Petitioner shall serve or mail to their spouse a copy of the Order and information sheet. Petitioner shall file with the Court a return of service showing the Notice was served OR a certificate of mailing verifying notification to the spouse.